Re-Run Automations - Can't access spaces - Not getting emails

Step 1: Login to Your ScrapHappy Account. (Probably already done :) -Yay

Step 2: Navigate to the Orders tab, select the order you are having problems with click “View”

Step 3: Click on the "Re-Run Automations" Button On the order details page. You will be redirected to a page with a beautiful message that reads like this:

{"success":true,"data":{"message":"Order status changed to Processing."}}

The important word is “Success”. If you see “Failed” contact our humans here: Speak to a person

You can now leave this page by pressing back.

Step 4: Three things are about to happen

  • Your order status is going to change to Run Automation
  • The automation server will receive your request and process it, marking the order as “Completed” once again. (This can happen really fast, you might not even see “Run Automation”)
  • If you refresh the page and the order says “Completed” once again, everything worked! You now have circle access, get new emails, and anything else your order needed.
  • If your refresh the page and the order says “Run Automation”, please wait about 2-4 minutes and try refreshing the page again. If it still says “Run Automation”, please: Speak to a person

That's it! You have successfully re-added yourself to any spaces you may have accidentally left, emails you may have unsubscribed from, or sessions you haven't seen. If you have any issues or questions, please: Speak to a person


If you are still having problems with your circle not allowing you into spaces you can try one more step by following this page: